Promoting Re-Education Principles

The Oil City P.R.E.P. integrated classroom is located at the Oil City Senior High School and supports students enrolled in grades 9-12. Participating students must be experiencing emotional and/or behavioral difficulties in the school setting. They must be at risk for out of school placement and have a mental health diagnosis. A physician or licensed psychologist/psychiatrist must recommend the O.C. P.R.E.P. Program as medically necessary. The students must be eligible for Medical Assistance.

The specific goals of the O.C. P.R.E.P. Program are:

  • Encourage family participation
  • Create a positive atmosphere which supports the student to be successful in the classroom
  • Support the educational goals of the classroom
  • Improve social skills and increase self-motivation
  • Build upon strengths
  • Reduce discordance
  • Eventually develop a level of competence to successfully transition into mainstream classes

Treatment provided includes:

  • Strength-based therapy, which identifies the positive abilities of students
  • A treatment plan is developed for each student in order to meet their individual needs
  • Daily morning and afternoon groups
  • Daily skill-building group to address such topics as anger management, self-control, teamwork, etc.
  • Behavioral interventions to help students apply the skills they learn in groups to the academic setting
  • Promote resiliency; a student’s ability to succeed when faced with risks and adversity
  • Regular positive calls to parents/caregivers
  • Family skill-building activities to strengthen relationships through transference of skills