The management of anger is a crucial issue in the prevention of violence. The Anger Management Program is designed to reduce anger arousal and improve anger control. It takes a skills approach and attempts to help individuals develop alternative strategies in the control and expression of angry impulses.

Anger and Aggression

People confuse anger with aggression. Anger is an emotion. Aggression is a behavior. Someone can feel angry without behaving aggressively.

Aggressive behavior includes things like verbal threats or physical violence. Aggressive behavior tells people, “My feelings, thoughts, and beliefs are more important than yours.”

Anger may turn into aggressive behavior unless you find healthy ways to deal with it.

Anger creates problems in life when it’s too intense, happens too often, or leads to violent behavior. Intense and frequent anger strains the body, and causes health problems.

Aggressive behavior can also cause problems in relationships and at work, producing feelings of shame, guilt, and regret. Left unchecked, anger which has turned into aggression often leads to serious consequences.

Goals of the Anger Management Program

  • understanding what anger is
  • recognizing anger and how to change behaviors
  • staying in control by using timeout and relaxation
  • learning how thoughts and beliefs affect anger
  • enhancing communication skills
  • expressing anger assertively


The Anger Management Program is available to individuals who may have been identified as needing relaxation training, social skills training, and cognitive restructuring to assist in the appropriate management and expression of anger.

Referrals for the program may be made by Venango County Children, Youth and Family Services, a mediator, Judge or other court official, or any community agency. Court orders should be included as part of the referral process. Additionally, individuals who recognize that they have an issue with their anger will also be accepted as self referrals.


The Anger Management Program consists of an intake appointment and ten (10) weekly group sessions. Fees are as follows:

Intake:                             $20
10 Group Sessions:      $10 each

For more information call the Oil City office at 814-677-4005.