Family Service & Children’s Aid Society (FSCAS) is a private, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) umbrella organization, which has been in operation since 1887 and incorporated in January 1973.

FSCAS is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania by the PA Department of Human Services to provide Family Based Services in the Family Foundations Program (in-home family-based program), by the PA Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs to provide Drug & Alcohol Outpatient/Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and by the PA Department of Human Services to provide Intensive Behavioral Health Services in our School-Based Programs.

The Agency also provides Individual & Family Counseling, Alternatives To Violence, Supervised Visitation, Anger Management, PPC Violence Free Network & Shelter (domestic and sexual violence advocacy including a 24-hour crisis hotline), In-Home Family Recovery Program, Home & Community Services, Youth Connection (mentoring), and Venango Fatherhood Initiative.

FSCAS is governed by a 11-member Governing Board of Directors who manage the property and business of the Agency and collectively share an interest in providing social services to families in need. Assisting and under the direction of the Governing Board is the Executive Director who is responsible to fulfill the mission, philosophy, goals, and directly oversee the overall administration of the Agency including proper administration and approval of expenditures of funds received for grant proposals.

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2022-2023 Annual Report
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2021-2022 Annual Report
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Our Mission Statement

“Family Service & Children’s Aid Society will be a leader in the provision of comprehensive human services for our community through our commitment to excellence, accountability, and adaptability.”

Governing Board Approved April 25, 2006

Our Vision Statement

“To provide individuals and families opportunities to reach their full potential in a community that embraces differences.”

Our Values

Service: We help people achieve their goals and improve their lives by providing a variety of human services to meet their needs and those of our community.

Respect: We provide an environment where open communication is supported, diversity is appreciated, and positive regard is displayed towards everyone.

Confidentiality: We hold an individual’s right to privacy in the highest regard, protecting this right in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical, legal, and moral conduct. We believe integrity is the basis for community trust.

Leadership: We recognize our responsibility to provide information, guidance, and direction. We will make informed decisions, creating an atmosphere that inspires effective communication, fosters partnerships, and models dynamic leadership.

Teamwork: We work together in a cooperative effort toward common goals to produce outcomes stronger than could be achieved by individuals.

Governing Board of Directors

Denise Jones, President
Courtney Cox, Vice President
Debra Sobina, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Carone
George Cavanaugh
Katherine Chandley
David Heinzer
Gregory J. Merkel
Diana Owens, PPC Representative
Amariliz Sanchez, Youth Connection Representative

Executive Director

Mary K Serafin


Dale Power, Accountant III
Amy Awosina, Human Resource Director

Program Directors

Stan Benvin, Home & Community Services/Venango Fatherhood Initiative
Cindy Curran, Individual & Family Counseling
Elijah Daubenspeck, Drug & Alcohol Program
TBD, Youth Connection
Traci Kaufman, School-Based Programs
Megan O’Neil, PPC Violence Free Network
Jessica Walters, Family Foundations Program