The purpose of a Peer-Based Recovery Support Program

Peer-based recovery support services are developed within the best practice guidelines of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC). The development of ROSC for individuals, families, and communities experiencing severe alcohol and other drug problems is based on new ideas, new policies and new approaches to service practices.

Peer-based recovery support is the process of giving and receiving non-professional, non-clinical assistance to achieve long-term recovery from alcohol and/or other drug related problems.

The Role of a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)

Recovery Specialists are one of the many Peer-Based Recovery Support Services identified in a recovery oriented system of care. They will offer peer support and guidance to Venango County MA-eligible adults struggling with addiction issues or co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues in need of outreach, mentoring and peer support at all stages of the recovery process.

A CRS is a role model who provides personal recovery strategies and support for instilling hope and motivation to address the challenges of stigma regarding treatment. The services a CRS provides result in fewer individuals returning to inpatient treatment and increases the number of persons completing educational and employment goals. A CRS is needed to normalize the use of treatment and for integrating individuals into their communities.

A CRS recognizes the work done by recovering individuals in the community on a peer to peer basis. The primary function of the CRS is to help individuals gain access to needed resources in the community by assisting them to overcome barriers. A CRS can help find the pathway to recovery and bridge the gap between their needs and available resources.

Who is eligible?

CRS services are free to adults eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) who are struggling with addiction issues or co-occurring substance abuse & mental health issues. Those who are interested should contact the Franklin office at 814-432-3466.

CRS Services

  • Assistance with accessing various community resources
  • Guidance on the recovery process & recovery education
  • Help with developing a Personal Recovery Plan
  • Face to face interactions and group services
  • Ongoing telephone support for the purpose of assisting in meeting his/her needs as specified in their Personal Recovery Plan
  • Introduce and engage individuals in the recovery community: i.e. AA/NA meetings
  • Provide support before, during, and after treatment
  • Advocacy
  • Outreach for individuals in early recovery
  • Referrals to treatment services