The Alternatives To Violence (ATV) program strives to curb violence and abuse by assisting the participants in identifying alternatives to violent behavior. The ATV group setting was implemented to give individuals who engage in abusive behavior toward a partner or child the opportunity to attend a group treatment program. It is designed for domestic violence offenders.

What is abuse?

Often the word abuse is used when there is hitting, slapping, shoving, or other physical confrontations. Abuse is also name-calling. It is using threats and intimidation. It is controlling the money. Abuse involves the real or threatened use of any number of physical, sexual, or verbal behaviors in order to control another person.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the program is to give the participants information and education on how to identify their abusive behavior, how to make changes regarding their abusive behavior, and help them discuss and confront said behavior; in other words, to get in touch with their thoughts and emotions and the reasons they abuse.

The objective of the ATV Group is to help individuals who are violent take responsibility for their abusive behavior and to end that behavior. Most participants are ordered to enroll by the Court of Common Pleas, District Judge, or probation/parole officer. However, self-referrals are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is a weekly fee for the ATV Group.


The ATV Group is 17 weeks in duration.  Fees are as follows:

Initial Assessment:       $75
16 Group Sessions:      $20 each

For more information call the Oil City office at 814-677-4005.