Relapse Prevention Therapy

The Relapse Prevention Therapy Program (RPT) is a contracted service with Carelon Behavioral Health (CBH) for the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Managed Care Program. Before services can be initiated, the service must receive prior authorization by CBH.

What is Relapse Prevention Therapy?

Relapse Prevention Therapy is a 12-week evidence-based treatment program designed for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders or chemical dependency and mental health disorders. RPT provides individual Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) sessions and RPT group sessions intended to improve their ability to prevent relapse and maintain abstinence from alcohol and/or other drugs as well as manage mental disorder symptoms, if necessary.


To be eligible for the Relapse Prevention Therapy Program, individuals must be diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder or a substance abuse and mental health disorder.

Individuals must meet the outpatient level of care as determined by the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria, including having stable mental health and physical health.

Individuals must be 18 years or older; however this may be determined on an individual basis.

What services are provided?

Relapse Prevention Therapy consists of an intake appointment for individuals not already receiving services at Family Service & Children’s Aid Society of Venango County (FSCAS), followed by two (2) individualized MET sessions and then, eight (8) weekly group sessions focused on key issues using cognitive-behavioral strategies to prevent or manage relapse. A final individual session is held to develop an Aftercare Plan as well as to create a recovery network after completion of the group sessions. In addition to cognitive-behavioral strategies, RPT uses contingency management or reinforcement that gives rewards for abstinence and treatment compliance. Using an open group format, individuals may join the group at any time.

Topic-Focused Coping Skills Training Groups cover the following:

  • Addiction as a learned behavior
  • Coping with urges and cravings
  • Identifying high risk scenarios
  • Coping with high risk scenarios
  • Alcohol/drug refusal skills
  • Managing painful and difficult emotions
  • Planning for emergencies and coping with a lapse
  • Using what has been learned and developing a recovery network
  • Developing an individualized Aftercare Plan

Where are groups held?

Relapse Prevention Therapy group sessions will be held at our Oil City Office: 814-677-4005, or our Franklin Office: 814-432-3466. 

What are the goals of the RPT?

The overall goals of the RPT are to increase motivation to abstain from alcohol and/or drug use, to develop effective coping skills to prevent relapse, and to enhance the creation of a Recovery Network.

The development of RPT was made possible by a grant to FSCAS from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Coverage for Services

Relapse Prevention Therapy is a contracted service with Carelon Behavioral Health (CBH) for the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Managed Care Program and Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH). We also accept UPMC and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances. Our program is available to residents of Venango and Eastern Crawford Counties.