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These services are provided by PPC Violence Free Network
  Alternatives To Violence, a service for domestic violence offenders

The Alternatives To Violence (ATV) program strives to curb violence and abuse committed by men and women by assisting participants in identifying Alternatives To Violent behavior. The ATV Group setting was implemented to give participants who abuse an opportunity to attend a group treatment program. It is designed for domestic violence offenders.

The goal of the program is to give the participants information and education on how to identify their abusive behavior, how to make appropriate changes regarding their abusive behavior, and help them discuss and confront said behavior. It also helps them to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings and the reasons they abuse.

The objective of the ATV Group is to help those who are violent take responsibility for their abusive behavior and to end that behavior. Most participants, about 98%, are court ordered to enroll by the Court of Common Pleas Judge or a local District Judge. However, self-referrals are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The ATV Group is 17 weeks in duration. The fee for the initial assessment is $50 and the 16 group sessions are $15 each.

  Anger Management

The management of anger is a crucial issue in the prevention of violent crime. The Anger Management program is designed to reduce anger arousal and improve anger control. It takes a skills approach and attempts to help program participants develop alternative strategies in the control and expression of angry impulses.

The Anger Management program is available to individuals who may have been identified as needing relaxation training, social skills training, and cognitive restructuring to assist in the appropriate management and expression of anger.

Referrals for the program may be made by a mediator, Judge or other court official; ideally the referral will be made within three business days of a court order. Court orders should be included as part of the referral process. Additionally, individuals who recognize that they have an issue with their anger will also be accepted as self-referrals.

The Anger Management program consists of an intake appointment and eight weekly group sessions. The fee for the intake appointment is $20 and the 8 group sessions are $10 each.

Alternatives to Violence vs. Anger Management
Alternatives to Violence (ATV)
  • Specifically designed to work with domestic violence offenders (i.e. offense toward individuals related by blood or marriage)
  • Victims may be contacted by facilitators in order to ensure their safety
  • Designed to reveal how dangerous an offender may be
  • Physical violence is seen as one of many forms of abusive behaviors chosen by offenders to control their intimate partners, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and economic abuse
  • Used to hold offenders accountable for the violent and abusive choices they make
  • Teaches offenders to recognize how their abuse affects their partners and children
  • Teaches offenders to practice alternatives to abusive behaviors
Anger Management
  • Perpetrators of stranger or non-intimate violence (i.e. individuals who are not related by blood or marriage)
  • Designed to teach skills in four areas: emotional intelligence, stress management, anger management, and communication
  • Victims are not normally contacted by facilitators (the goal of the program focuses on effective management of anger
  • Program does not assess offenders for level of danger to others
  • Violence is seen as a momentary outburst of anger
  • Perpetrators are taught techniques like "time-outs" and relaxation skills
  Facilitators are trained in anger management techniques in addition to 40 hours of training with regard to domestic violence issues.
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