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This service is provided by PPC Violence Free Network
  The Supervised Visitation Program will allow for supervised visitation for children whose safety may be compromised during unsupervised visits with a parent.
  The Supervised Visitation Program is available to children, their parent(s) and extended family members who have been identified as needing supervised visitation in order to achieve goals established in a custody, mediation or Protection From Abuse (PFA) order.
  Those individuals who must participate in supervised visitation with their children will be identified and referred either during custody or Protection From Abuse proceedings. The program shall maintain cooperative working relationships with the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, attorneys, and individual mediators.
Referral Process:
  Referrals for the program are made by a mediator, Judge, or other court official. All court orders must be included with the referral. Ideally, the referral will be made within three business days of the order with visits beginning within the next seven business days.

Fees are calculated according to a sliding fee scale based on the consumer's annual income and family size according to the most recent U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Staff Education & Qualifications:
  The service will be monitored by a therapeutic provider who is a licensed mental health professional paid for providing supervised visitation services, including but not limited to the following: 
  • psychiatrist
  • psychologist
  • clinical social worker
  • marriage and family counselor
  • intern working under direct supervision of the aforementioned professionals

The Agency has a facility to observe parent/child interactions with minimal interference: the third floor of the Carone Center has a two-way mirror that will allow for the parent and child to interact with the therapeutic provider observing from the adjoining room. This will enable the parent and child to have some sense of privacy while ensuring the safety of the child.

In addition, there is a large therapeutic play room located in the lower level of the same building that can be utilized if the situation is appropriate.

Visits may also be scheduled in public places such as the library, mall, restaurant, or other location that would be appropriate for visitation.

  Safety of the children must be held as our primary concern. Staff shall ensure, to the best of their ability, that an individualized plan is implemented that will address the parent, child(ren), and family's specific needs. Staff will make every reasonable effort to assure the safety and welfare of the child(ren) and adults during the visitation. This will be accomplished through a written protocol that describes what emergency assistance and responses can be expected from local law enforcement.
Integrity - We are committed to the highest standards of ethical, legal, and moral conduct. We believe integrity is the basis for community trust. Leadership - We recognize our responsibility to provide information, guidance, and direction. We will make informed decisions, creating an atmosphere that inspires effective communication, fosters partnerships, and models dynamic leadership.

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